Love Yourself Enough To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthful lifestyle is one of the most important aspects of a nutritional balancing program.  Lifestyle is a whole systems aspect of health.  For example, sleep affects every aspect of human functioning, as do exercise and eating habits.  

Lifestyle encompasses many aspects of life. There needs to be balance in one’s lifestyle and an integrity about lifestyle.  Many people today are facing constant stress that depletes the body’s nutritional status and wears out the body’s adrenal glands. If you are looking for improved health, it is time to change the way you live. Nutritional balancing programs guide you towards making pivotal lifestyle changes so that your health will be enhanced, leading you to an improved life filled with serenity, health and peace.

Making new life choices for your vitality are important, and here are some important suggestions to consider:

Rest and sleep. Go to bed between 8 and 9 PM, and get at least 9 hours of sleep each night. Naps are also very good. Periods of fatigue often occur on this program because deep healing and development require plenty of rest.

Gentle exercise only. Walk slowly for about one half to one hour several times per week if desired. Please avoid all vigorous exercise or exhausting activities. These are not needed with this program, and just wear out the body.

Reduce all toxic exposures. Clean up toxic homes and offices. Do your best to avoid breathing or other contact with toxic products. Substitute non-toxic cleaners, solvents, soaps, and other products at home and at work. Also, wear as little perfume and antiperspirants as possible, as most contain toxic chemicals. Minimise the use of oils or lotions on the skin because they clog the pores. Remove all silver amalgam fillings (do not remove amalgam fillings if you have active cancer).

Eating meals. Eat regular, relaxed sit down meals. Chew food very well. Try to sit down for 5 minutes after eating to help improve digestion. Avoid drinking liquids with meals. Liquids can dilute the digestive juices.

Wholesome thinking and emotional control. Keep your thinking and attitudes pure, positive and wholesome. Controlling emotions, staying away from negative emotions and emotional detachment are most helpful. Also, keep around you at all times inspiring books, magazines, CDs and other things. Your friends, roommates and others should uplift and inspire you. Avoid people, books, movies, and other things that arouse anger, fear, hatred and other negative feelings. 

Learn to love yourself very much at all times, and learn to forgive yourself and everyone else for everything that has ever occurred. 

Also, avoid negative thinking including victim thinking.  It also includes wishing evil on anyone and holding on to resentments and hatred for anyone or anything.  These block development. Take full responsibility for your life, no matter how difficult things have been or are. We are more in charge of our fate than you might think, so accept full responsibility, as this is very empowering. Have the attitude that “since I helped create my life, I can also fix it.” Please read the articles entitled Forgiving and Letting Go

Minimize electromagnetic pollution. At night, turn off and unplug all electrical devices that are near where you sleep. Try to use corded phones, not cell phones or cordless phones. Wear a headset with a cell or portable phone, and use them as infrequently as you can. Also, minimize x-rays and especially CT scans that emit harmful radiation. Dental x-rays are not a problem, however.

Daily fresh air and sunshine. If possible, spend half an hour out of doors daily. If you can, expose your skin, especially the eyes and the chest, to the sunlight at this time. Do not use sunglasses or sunscreen at this time. If it is cold outside, sit in front of a glass window to get sun. Earlier morning or later afternoon sunshine are best in warm climates. Do not spend more than one hour in the sun, as this is toxic.

Recreational drugs. Please do not do drugs of any kind. These stop your mental and spiritual development. All are also highly toxic, including marijuana.