Analytical Research Laboratories


Our Laboratory Of Choice

We proudly offer Analytical Research Laboratories (ARL) testing. ARL is one of the world’s most advanced, state of the art analytical laboratories providing clinically precise quantitative and qualitative information.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, ARL was established by Dr. Paul C. Eck in 1974. Dr. Eck was known as an authority concerning the science of balancing body chemistry with the use of a hair tissue mineral analysis. ARL pioneered the field of hair tissue mineral analysis interpretation, and has earned the respect and endorsement of health care professionals worldwide.

Why Test With ARL?

  • Shows real measurements in parts per million
  • Easy to read graphic report - clear & quantitative
  • Metabolic type identified
  • Complete individualized test interpretation
  • Progress tests and comparison analysis
  • Supplement recommendations and diet plans

State of the Art Laboratory

ARL uses only the most advanced and sophisticated instrumentation available today, the Perkin Elmer ICP-MS nexION 2000B Mass Spectrometer to assess mineral levels in parts per million or parts per billion.

CLIA Certified

Accutrace Laboratories Inc.(a wholly owned subsidiary of ARL) is CLIA certified. This means that the laboratory has met or exceeded the requirements of an inspection conducted by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

Most Reliable Clinical Results

ARL is one of only two laboratories that do not wash the hair at the laboratory. Washing hair samples at the laboratory has been shown to wash out water-soluble elements and create much less accurate results. ARL has rigorous quality control procedures. These include known controls which are tested at the beginning, middle and end of every batch of hair samples to insure the accuracy of the results. The lab automatically retests any reading that is out of a normally expected range, provided sufficient hair is available for a second sample.

Advanced Interpretive Reports

ARL advanced interpretive reports are the best of their kind. The lab offers the only complete individualized test interpretation by the method developed by Dr. Paul Eck. Under Dr. Paul Eck’s direction, ARL was the first laboratory to integrate the factors of stress, oxidation types, mineral relationships, homeostatic states and natural healing principles into the science of hair tissue mineral analysis interpretation.

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