About Us


We Bring Balance And Energy Into Your Life!

Health Balancing is dedicated to helping people feel better, restore energy and obtain the quality of life that they deserve physically, mentality and emotionally.

Our passion is to provide people with the health tools to increase energy and receive the proper balance of nutrients. When this goal is reached, the body will be able to heal and repair itself. A person can experience life with greater enjoyment and vitality that they have never felt before!

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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis offers clinical insight into your health by identifying nutrient deficiencies, excesses, and imbalances. Hair tissue is one of the best indicators of exposure to environmental toxins and identifying toxic metal overload.

Health Balancing works with the world’s leader in Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. Our testing is performed at the Analytical Research Labs established in 1974. The Laboratory utilises the most stringent standards, up-to-date equipment and offers you the most comprehensive, highly informative test reports.

Unique individuals require unique nutritional approaches. We seek to target specific nutritional requirements for each individual, rather than offering generic nutritional formulas.

Nutritional Balancing is a form of nutritional body correction that utilizes a hair analysis to view a person’s unique body chemistry in order to then determine which exact combinations of nutrients are needed to correct it. Providing the right nutrient support increases adaptive energy and enzyme strength, allowing the body to heal itself. This science was developed by Dr. Paul Eck of Analytical Research Laboratories and further developed by Lawrence Wilson, MD.

We are proud to offer you nutritional balancing programs – highly effective health solutions tailored to an individual’s unique biochemistry.

Our priority is to support you in all the stages of your life – growing your family, menopause, healthy aging, or whether you are dealing with illness, heavy metal toxicity or other imbalances. We know that personal support in your wellness journey makes all the difference.

One-on-one consultation services are provided via phone, email and video call ithrough our in-house nutritional balancing practitioner, Koay Yih Zi. Yih Zi earned a diploma in Nutritional Balancing Science from Westbrook University and also received Advanced Training in Nutritional Balancing Science under Dr. Lawrence Wilson. Consultation can be provided in both the English and Chinese languages.

We know what it is like to be unwell and can support you on your journey to vibrant health!

Nutritional balancing programs have been offered to more than 100,000 people over 45 years. This sophisticated nutritional approach has given superb results for many physical, mental and emotional health conditions. Our nutritional balancing programs deliver real health that lasts.

Our nutritional formulas are the most advanced products available today, and Analytical Research Labs has a program of continuous research and improvement. You can depend on the efficacy and quality of our nutritional products. As a Health Balancing client or member, you will be sure to receive our consistent support.

Why Choose Health Balancing?

Hair tissue mineral analysis allows us to determine the right diet and nutritional supplements for your unique body chemistry. This is a safer and more effective approach than nutritional guesswork and random supplementation.

Nutritional balancing programs go beyond symptom management. Our programs reach the root causes and are designed for deep healing. By restoring the body’s energy production system and minerals ratios, the body heals itself and symptoms go away. Deep healing is not a quick fix. In the long run, however, it saves time and money, and is far more rewarding.

Toxic metals are now everywhere, and affect everyone on planet earth. They have become a major cause of illness, aging and genetic defects. Toxic metals and chemicals are linked to many of today’s chronic and degenerative diseases such as autism, alzheimer’s, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and more.

Nutritional balancing programs help to remove all toxic metals and toxic chemicals from the body safely to restore vibrant health. We do not use chelation and antagonist therapies that may unbalance the body.

Nutritional balancing programs are designed to help enhance your body’s energy-producing mechanisms. Energy becomes available for various activities including healing and removing toxins. The need to consume stimulants disappears and you begin to enjoy the real energy provided by a well-functioning body. You may experience a flood of energy like never before!

Many people today suffer from brain fog, depression, anxieties, panic attacks, phobias. Most of these respond exceedingly well with a Nutritional balancing program.

Many types of mental and emotional healing occur on a nutritional balancing program. These include releasing emotional traumas, reducing emotional excesses and improving cognition, memory and other mental faculties.

By improving health, hormonal balance and energy, nutritional balancing naturally improves a person’s appearance. Even if you were not born without the most beautiful features, you become more and more beautiful every year. Your skin will shine, your eyes will become clear, your posture will improve, your hair will start to shine, your nails will not break and your body will lose weight. Vitality and happiness makes you beautiful!

In a mysterious way, the hair of the head ‘conforms to’ the brain wave patterns of a person and this expresses the entirety of a person’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life.

Over 40 years of research, we have identified more than 200 hair mineral patterns. Our 20+ pages hair mineral analysis report and consultation sessions will help you understand your hair mineral patterns and gain deeper self awareness.

As the body and soul heal, life takes on a new color. You become more confident and regain your power. As you feel better, you will start to want more and more from life, and you will find that it becomes easier to fulfill your dreams. You can exercise yourself with confidence and live an increasingly rewarding life.

Minerals are the principal energy-producing components of the human body. It is the relationships between the minerals in your tissues that help determine your physical and emotional destiny. Through an understanding and control of these basic laws of human energy, you can vastly increase the intensity and quality of your life.

— Dr. Paul C. Eck, Founder of Analytical Research Labs