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Hair tissue mineral analysis (LifelineDiag Labs, Poland) reveals your metabolic profile, mineral imbalances, heavy metal toxicity and possibly reasons for symptoms. This is a comprehensive test covering 29 elements including vanadium, iodine, sulphur, barium, strontium, thallium, silicon, germanium and silver.

LifelineDiag is a laboratory specializing in non-invasive diagnostics, operating on the market since 2012. The hair mineral analysis test is carried out on the Avio 200 ICP-OES spectrometer by PerkinElmer.

Hair can be sampled at home and sent directly to the lab. Once ordered, easy to follow instructions and forms will be emailed to you.

Note: If you have previously performed a hair test with LifelineDiag, please let us know in the comments section during check out. We will prepare a retest report with comparison analysis.

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  • You can refer to samples of the various reports in the “Additional Information” tab.
  • Lab Report includes:
    • A computer generated lab report that contains:
      • Hair analysis chart indicating levels for 29 elements (15 major minerals, 9 major toxins, 5 additional elements) and 12 mineral ratios.
      • A thorough interpretative report that lists trends and provides a detailed explanation of the results.
      • In the case of a retest, a comparison analysis is included to explain what changes have taken place in your biochemistry since the previous test.
      • Have a look at our sample lab report.
  • Lab Report + Expert Analysis includes the lab report and hair analysis chart. In addition, you will receive:
    • Expert analysis and tailored nutritional balancing program from a practitioner. This will include practitioner comments and an interpretation of your hair mineral patterns. These can help you better understand your physical and psychological symptoms. The expert analysis also contains recommendations for diet, supplements, detoxification procedures and lifestyle that are optimal for your health condition.
    • 30 minutes consultation call and 4 months email support included.
  • What is the difference between expert analysis and lab report?
    • The lab report is a computer generated report containing standard analysis on hair mineral levels and ratios, as well as basic recommendations for diet, supplements and lifestyle.
    • Expert analysis is prepared by a nutritional balancing practitioner based on the latest research and findings. The report includes analysis of hair mineral levels and ratios, and describes hair mineral patterns that are not included in the lab report. Expert analysis also includes a customised nutritional balancing program covering diet, supplements, detoxification procedures and lifestyle.
  • Our nutritional balancing programs are based on methodologies developed from 45 years of research to help you improve and regain health and vitality.
  • All reports are sent in soft copy via email.
  • Once you have ordered, instructions and forms will be emailed to you providing guidelines on how to take the hair sample and how to send the sample to the lab.
  • The process usually takes 2 to 3 weeks depending on the time it takes for your hair sample to reach the lab.
  • You are eligible for 20% off supplements from Endo-met when ordered as my client.

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