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Join our partnership program and offer Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis services to your clients.


Help Your Clients Feel Better Than Ever

For health and wellness professionals, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is a scientific tool that you can use to improve your clients’ well being. By balancing body chemistry, our HTMA programs can increase vitality and greatly improve physical, mental and emotional health.

Using the latest scientific developments, we give you a sound view of the effects of your client’s diet, stress and lifestyle and how your clients’ body is responding. Apart from this, we give you very clear advice on the optimal health regimen and lifestyle for your clients in order for them to live a productive, healthy and enjoyable life.

With our measurements and reports, you will be able to provide your clients with a comprehensive health solution and help them understand what they can do to rebalance their body and life. You will also become part of the Health Balancing network of health and wellness practitioners and we can connect you to clients wishing to make use of your services.

How Will You Benefit?

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Partners' Welcome Pack

Receive our exciting welcome pack in the post! Everything you need to confidently manage your client’s well being using Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.

Partners’ Support Program

E-mail access to a HTMA practitioner five days a week to answer questions and help interpret your client’s Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis report prior to their follow up appointment.

Marketing Resources

Access our client educational and marketing resources to inform and inspire your clients.

Partners’ Education Program

View our instructional videos, newsletters, webinars, technical articles, and other educational resources to assist you in your practice.

Special Partners’ Pricing

As a Health Balancing partner you will be able to access our products at special rates.

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The purpose of the Health Balancing partnership program is to empower health and wellness practitioners to give greater value to clients and expand their products and services. As a Health Balancing partner, you would be able to provide your clients with a wider range of health solutions via hair mineral analysis and nutritional balancing.

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