Pulling Down Meditation Exercise

Nutritional balancing recommends a very simple and powerful mental exercise for centering the mind and grounding oneself. The exercise is simply to sit or lie down comfortably and visualize moving energy forcefully from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet and below. This exercise teaches you to relax, focus better, and to be the witness of your thoughts and emotions.

How to do it. First move your attention to just below your feet. Then imagine either a magnet or a vacuum cleaner under your feet that is pulling the skin off the bottom of your feet. Make the magnet or vacuum cleaner more and more powerful. With some practice, you will feel the magnet pulling the skin off other parts of your body such as your hands, fingers, nose, groin and elsewhere.

Benefits of the pulling down mental exercise: 

  • ​    Improved health
  • ​    Emotional stability improves
  • ​    Better relationships
  • ​    Greater ability to love
  • ​    Greater spiritual development
  • ​    Relaxation
  •     Trauma release
  • ​    Helps remove unwanted habits
  • ​    Improved awareness
  •     Bringing in new energy and perspectives