Sauna Therapy

Red heat lamp sauna therapy is one of the least costly, safest and most powerful ways to eliminate toxic metals, toxic chemicals and chronic infections. Shining near infrared light on the skin can also give an instant energy boost that could help stimulate collagen production, rebuild joints and cartilage, heal wounds, relieve pain and inflammation, as well as enhance muscle recovery. Please refer to guidelines for sauna use here.

If you do not have a red light sauna, you can shine a single red heat lamp on the abdomen to obtain similar benefits. Keep the body at a distance of at least half a meter from the lamps. Move the body around every few minutes so as not to burn the skin. We recommend only the red incandescent near infrared 250 watt bulbs by Sylvania, General Electric, Philips, Havel-SLi, Satco, Havel, Osram and Feat. Heat lamp therapy can be combined with foot reflexology, acupressure, deep breathing and meditation.

Safety precautions:
Heat lamp therapy is not recommended for pregnant women and children under 5 years of age.
Do not spend more than 20 minutes in the sauna without practitioner supervision.
Do not shine the heat lamp on the head region for more than 5 minutes every two hours.