Coffee Enemas

Coffee enemas are a superb way to detoxify the entire body. They are one of the finest methods of detoxification available. They are also safe and not too uncomfortable when done correctly. This procedure is highly recommended for most people to remove large quantities of toxins from the liver and other organs.

Steps of a coffee enema:

  • Prepare coffee solution – boil medium or dark roast coffee in distilled water, spring water or carbon filtered water for 12 minutes. Use up to 2 tablespoons of coffee and up to 2 cups of water per enema. You can prepare sufficient coffee solution to be used for 2 days, keep the coffee solution refrigerated if you are using it the next day.
  • Cool or dilute the coffee solution to room temperature before using it in the enema.
  • If possible, empty your bowels before the enema.
  • Rinse the enema bucket and tube before use. Pour coffee solution into an enema bucket or bag with the enema tip closed. Lubricate the enema tip with a little petroleum or jelly. Open the enema tip to release any gas within the enema tube. Insert the enema tube into the rectum while lying on the right side of your body, allow the solution to flow into the rectum. Close the enema tube and remove from the rectum after the coffee solution has been emptied into the rectum.
  •  Lie down on your back and massage the abdomen for around a minute. While massaging, you can elevate your hips by placing your buttocks on a beach ball or small stool while lying down, this helps to release any trapped gas and help the coffee solution flow deeper into the colon. This step is optional.
  • After massaging the abdomen, you can place your hips back on the ground. For the rest of the enema session, you can do foot reflexology, acupressure, deep breathing, spinal twists and/ or the pushing down exercise. You can also shine a red heat lamp on the abdomen during the enema.
  • Each coffee enema session can last up to 20 minutes. After the enema session is over, empty your bowels in the toilet bowl. You can do up to 2 coffee enemas back to back if you wish.
  • Clean the enema equipment with liquid castile soap and hang the enema bucket and tube to dry.