For two years the doctors were diagnosing Vienna’s brain cancer as a scalp problem. 

The treatment began only when the symptoms became prominent. By that time, the tumour already crossed stage 2.

Heard of a similar case before? There are hundreds out there.

And maybe your doctor is mistreating your illness as something else too.

Why does conventional medicine fail so often?

Because they rely on the symptoms. Both for the diagnosis and the treatment.

Medical treatment consists mostly of controlling and suppressing these recurring symptoms.

As a result, the underlying problems continue to persist.

You keep on pouring your money. Year after year, not to heal your problems permanently, but to suppress the symptoms temporarily.

What do you get in return?

A not so fulfilling life. A minimally efficient body. Loads of medicine. In some cases, huge financial loans.

Then years later, you come to know you have been taking medicines for the wrong disease.

And a new cycle begins…you get mentally, financially, and physically exhausted.

Treating an illness without knowing the root cause of it is like shooting an arrow in the dark.

Imagine if you could get to the root of your health issue. And heal it from within.

You would have made the right investment & saved yourself from years of financial losses.

You would be living your life to the fullest, with more enthusiasm and energy. Much like when you were a kid.

You would forever be free from the recurring pain and problems.

So, how do you get to know the real problem?

You are dealing with hair loss, fatigue, anxiety, etc. 

But the blood reports say everything’s normal. The urine tests are normal too. 

These general medical tests are never gonna tell you. 

Not until your doctor prescribes you that one special test. The special test for that special disease your doctor suspects you have.

If only you could have done something about it earlier…when it was just a minor ailment.

Health Balancing’s Hair Mineral Analysis helps you do what your blood reports can’t.

By analysing the mineral imbalances, one can learn about hundreds of physical and mental health conditions. As minerals have a significance in almost every biochemical reaction.

Many obscure symptoms like white spots on the skin, brittle fingernails, mood swings, etc., are nothing but indicators of mineral imbalances. If left unchecked for a long time, it results in major problems.

Common Causes Behind Mineral Imbalances:

  • Improper Diet
  • Intake of incompatible supplements
  • Medications
  • Birth Control Pills
  • Stress
  • Toxic mineral accumulation from the environment
  • Inheritance of toxic minerals from parents

The hair root analysis helps you identify any such nutritional need or mineral toxicity in the body. 

How does this work?—

First, your hair sample is sent to the Health Balancing labs. The lab facilities are fully licensed and accredited.

Lab Report includes:

A computer-generated lab report that contains:

-Hair Analysis Chart indicating levels for 15 major minerals, 6 major toxins, and 6 mineral ratios

-A thorough interpretative report that lists trends and provides a detailed explanation of the results

-In the case of a retest, a comparison analysis is included to explain what changes have taken place in your biochemistry since the previous test

In the next step, your sample and reports are sent to the Nutritional Balancing experts.

The experts analyse your hair based on the latest research and findings.

Expert Analysis includes:

-Hair Analysis Chart indicating levels for 15 major minerals, 6 major toxins, and 6 mineral ratios

-Expert Analysis and tailored nutritional balancing program from a practitioner. It contains a full interpretation of your results as well as recommendations for diet, supplements, detoxification procedures, and lifestyle

-30 minutes consultation call and 4 months of email support included

The Nutritional Balancing Program has no side effects and is for people of all ages. In fact, this can also help your pets revitalize their health. 

No matter what’s your concern, with Nutritional Balancing your overall health starts improving.

Your hair problems reduce. Ageing reverses. Digestion restores. Sleep quality improves. You find yourself more enthusiastic and effective. 

How To Order A Hair Analysis?

  • Cut your hair at home
  • Collect 0.25g or a tablespoon of your hair 
  • Mail your sample to the Health Balancing labs
  • The results will be available to you within 10-15 days from the date the lab receives your sample

You can order your Hair Tissue Analysis from Health Balancing or a practitioner working with us.

Order Now.