Endo-met GB 3 supplement United States

Many people today, especially adults, have impaired food digestion due to low stomach acid or a decrease in pancreatic and liver enzymes. This is why digestive aids are so important as they help the body absorb nutrition and digest food properly. A strong digestive system is key to health and vitality.

Endo-met’s GB3, a powerful digestive aid, is recommended on nearly every Nutritional Balancing Program. The digestive enzymes contained in GB3 are:

  • Ox bile
  • Pancreatin
  • Russian black radish

GB-3 enhances bile flow and aids in both fat and protein digestion. It assists in eliminating pathogens from the digestive tract including candida and parasites. It is also an excellent liver support formula that helps the body eliminate many toxic metals and chemicals from the liver. Furthermore, russian black radish is a copper antagonist and helps remove excess copper from the body.

Further benefits of Endomet GB 3 Supplement United States:

  • Helps kill infections, parasites, yeast, and other micro-organisms in the intestines
  • Enhances the metabolic rate
  • Increases bile flow
  • Pancreatic enzymes are helpful as a cancer preventative

GB-3 contains more quality animal substances compared to other digestive aids, and has a stronger and more vital effect on the body. It is also a parasympathetic supplement that helps relax and rebuild the sympathetic nervous system. This benefits the healing process.

Regular use of GB-3 can also be an inexpensive and low potency way to prevent cancer. Dr. John Beard discovered that the pancreatin enzymes can be used to destroy cancer cells. The use of pancreatic enzymes is also the main component of the Kelley enzyme treatment for cancer.  While GB-3 is not a cancer cure, it is a protective method that can be very helpful as a form of preventive health care.

It is advisable to gradually work your way up to the recommended dosages. When initially taking GB-3, you could experience some stomach discomfort. This is because the pancreatin and ox bile digest candida organisms, bacteria, parasites and debris in the intestines, causing digestive discomfort and sometimes diarrhoea. In this case, smaller dosages can be taken until the intestine has cleared and your body is able to handle more.

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