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Health Balancing welcomes referrals from a variety of businesses, practices and content creators that trust us to deliver effective health solutions for their clients or audiences.

Know people who would benefit from a health balancing program? Invite them and enjoy cash rewards. Your referee gets 5% off their purchase and you get $5 USD when they make a purchase with your code.

We welcome health practitioners, health and wellness businesses, pet shops, veterinarians, bloggers and social media content creators to work with us.

How it works

3 Simple Steps to Share

The more you refer, the bigger your rewards!

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Step 3
When your referee makes an order with your referral code, your referee gets 5% off their purchase. You get $5 USD in commission. Your earnings will be transferred to you within 10 working days.
Why Recommend Us?

Want nothing but the best for your clients and audiences? The feeling’s mutual.

Health Balancing is dedicated to delivering exceptional health results. From designing sophisticated healing programs, to providing ongoing support; we are constantly there for our clients. We are cost conscious and keep our programs affordable so everyone can benefit.

Your Referees Will Thank You

Our nutritional balancing programs have been offered over 45 years to more than 100,000 people. For most physical, mental and emotional health conditions, nutritional balancing is superb and the best program we know of.

This program can be a breakthrough for many people with medically unexplainable or chronic conditions.

Recommended practices

Here are a few tips that can help you make the best of our referral program.

  • Write a blog post
  • Distribute our physical information brochures (we can send them to you free of charge)
  • Share our website, facebook or instagram content content on your social media
  • List us on your website
  • Create a simple one page website to raise awareness about hair tissue mineral analysis and Health Balancing
  • Share your referral code so that you earn rewards with each referee purchase.

Start Now to Enjoy Rewards Today

The purpose of this referral program is to educate new people on the benefits of a health balancing program, grow our community, and offer our partners a chance to earn cash rewards while working hand in hand.

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