Friends don’t let friends miss out

Have a friend who would benefit from a health balancing program? Invite your friend and earn a reward.

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How it works

3 Simple Steps to Share

Good friends are hard to find (but surprisingly easy to refer).

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Step 2
Share your referral code.
Step 3
When your friends makes an order with your referral code, they get 5% off their purchase. You get $5 USD discounted off your next order.
It’s The Best Money You Never Spent

Every time you refer a friend, we’ll take 5% off your friend’s purchase and $5 USD discounted off your next order. That leaves you with extra savings to keep.

Save Your Friends And Your Money

Got a friend who needs a health solution? Refer them to Health Balancing to help them achieve better health. We’ve got your back and all your friends’ backs too.

Spread The Love
And The Savings

Start sending those referrals today and you’ll be accumulating savings in no time.

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